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The Story Behind the Book: David Charles’ ‘Think for Yourself’

Story Behind Book
The Story Behind the Book is Literarily Speaking’s newest feature.  Here we find out either the inspiration behind authors’ books or how they got published.  Today’s guest is David Charles, author of the nonfiction book, Think For Yourself – The Importance of Maintaining Individuality and Freedom of Thought (CreateSpace).


Think For YourselfFirstly, I would like to thank Literarily Speaking for providing me with the opportunity to share some thoughts about my book and the process of becoming a published author. There were many factors involved in the timing for the creation of this book. I had been planning a book project for a number of years and was already in the outline and information gathering stages. While reviewing the outline for the project I came across the original table of contents draft and one of the chapter’s title was “Think For Yourself.” When I saw that I immediately thought that since the original book project was about taking charge one’s own life and destiny, the concept “Think For Yourself” was key in obtaining this and I wanted to expound. “Think For Yourself – The Importance of Maintaining Individuality and Freedom of Thought,” is the end result.

The book is actually intended as a caution sign or a wakeup call. It’s a friendly reminder of some of the reasons why it is important to maintain one’s own perspective, and the relevance of self determination in our everyday lives. What compelled me to write about this subject was the realization that as a society there seems to be so many instances where people are being oversold on whatever concept, product, or idea that happens to be prevalent at any particular time. The book is meant to remind people of the importance of listening to one’s own inner voice when it comes to making important choices. I tried to frame the book in such a way as to share real life experiences that everyone could easily relate to. My hopes are that the reader can identify with some of the issues and raise questions that are relevant to their individual life experience and from those questions generate the appropriate action or response.

As for publishing I chose Createspace to publish this book for several reasons. The book is printed on demand, which is a very environmentally responsible approach to publishing. This means that no paper copies sit in stock collecting dust or wasting resources. When the book is purchased it is printed and shipped at the time of order.  Also, Createspace is an Amazon.com company and provides direct access to Amazon for marketing, sales, and distribution. They also provide a host of professional services including copy editing and promotional assistance. I am delighted to say that with this project I was fortunate enough to have my book accepted for publication on the first submission. The process was simplified by following the guidelines provided by the publisher and making sure the final document met the technical requirements for publication. The entire publishing experience was very gratifying and I will certainly be looking to them for publication of my next book.

David CharlesDavid Charles has been a professional construction manager involved with public school construction in the Southern California region. He has been active in the construction industry for over thirty years. His past writings include web based reporting, project progress documentation and classic business correspondence on all aspects of the public school construction progress for the projects under his jurisdiction. David is the author of the book; Think For Yourself – The Importance of Maintaining Individuality and Freedom of Thought, which discusses the significance of taking charge of your destiny and living life on your own terms.

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