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Historical Fiction Author G.F. Skipworth on virtual book tour July ’10

G.F. SkipworthJoin G.F. Skipworth, author of the historical fiction/humor novel, The Simpering, North Dakota Literary Society (Rosslare Press), as he virtually tours the blogosphere in July ‘10 on his first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book!

G.F. Skipworth has toured much of the world as a concert pianist, symphony/opera conductor, composer, vocalist and opera coach. Along the way, however, he also worked as a speechwriter, in comedy and as an academic author. His formal education includes Whitman College, Johns Hopkins, Harvard and UCLA. As he describes it, one day he sat down to write a fourth symphony, but a four-volume fantasy series came out instead, which he affectionately refers to as a “shoot ‘em up clang clang.” Following the “Fables of the Carpailtin Campfire,” he wrote a fantasy based upon the twenty four poems of Franz Schubert’s great song-cycle, “Winterreise (Winter Journey.) Moving on to historical fiction, he released “Stormfield – Tales from the Hereafter,” based on Mark Twain’s final incomplete work. Dr. Skipworth often refers to “The Simpering, North Dakota Literary Society” as his  personal favorite, although writing dialogue for a cameo appearance by the razor-sharp Dorothy Parker was maddening, even worse than for Mark Twain (at least he paused to light a cigar now and then.) Currently, he resides in Portland, Oregon with his wife Barbara, where he serves on the faculty of Lewis & Clark College. Upcoming works include “The World-Weary String Quartet of Alliance, Nebraska” and “The Madonna of Dunkirk.” Please visit G.F. Skipworth’s site at rosslarebooks.com.

The SimperingThe Simpering, North Dakota Literary Society centers on Card shark and ex-nun Farika Zingarella who won the town of Simpering, North Dakota, in the greatest card game ever played at The Huffy Hussy Casino & Billiards Parlor. Gathering five female geniuses to her side, she assembled a sisterhood so powerful that even the United States government had to watch its step. There wasn’t much to laugh about in 1919 – World War I had ended, fascism was already rising in Italy and American women took up the suffrage question. Then along came The Literary Society and the town’s never been the same.

If you’d like to follow along with G.F. as he tours the blogosphere in July, visit his official tour page at Pump Up Your Book.  Lots of fun in store including giveaways.  Find out things about G.F. you never knew before on his The Simpering, North Dakota Literary Society Virtual Book Tour ‘10!



You can find out more about the book at www.rosslarebooks.com.

Pump Up Your Book is an innovative public relations agency specializing in virtual book tours.  You can visit our website at www.pumpupyourbook.com.

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