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A Day in the Life of YA Fiction Author Kim Baccellia

A Day in the Life is Literarily Speaking’s newest feature. Here we get a glimpse into our favorite author’s day-to-day life! Today’s guest is Kim Baccellia, author of the paranormal YA fiction novel, Crossed Out (Lachesis Publishing).


Kim BaccelliaA Day in the Life of…Kim Baccelli

by Kim Baccellia

When I wrote Earrings of Ixtumea, I was a full time public school teacher.  I wrote whenever I had the time.  The Burger King next to my elementary school was one of my favorite spots to write.  Then I had my son and still I found time to write. I also was taking writing classes at UCI extension, which I met Lou Nelson who helped me with the whole writing process.

Getting up early as a teacher helped me get into the habit of writing early. I get up around 6 in the morning and after I check my emails, I set my timer to write.  I try to get in 50 minutes of just writing.  That means no social networking—which believe me is hard!

My writing can be anything from going over a revision to meeting my goal of 500 words a day on a newer project.

Then it’s off to the gym and then maybe a stop at Starbucks for a drink—my favorite is mocha soy iced drink without whip cream or a yummy multi grained bagel.

Crossed OutBack home to try to get some more writing in.

During the summer I’m more flexible.  I try to spend another two hours just writing.  Because son is older, I’m able to get in more writing time.  One author friend, a mother of twins, told me to seize every moment you get.  I try to take her advice.  No excuses allowed here!

The school year is a little tougher.  After exercising, I usually have like an hour or so to write. Around eight in the morning I get my son up and ready for school.  Since I’m homeschooling, this means working with him.  This year he’s starting fourth grade.  I seriously feel that being both an author and reviewer has helped him with his own reading.

One of son’s subjects is writer’s workshop—which he loves.  Son has a clip board with a story map of his latest story.  Then we go over it—kind of like editing—before he types up that page that later will be published at our local Staples.

When school is over, that’s the time for me to get more writing in.  I also go over more emails and squeeze in some social networking time.  Plus I belong to two on-line critique groups so I try to do that too.

After dinner, I try to write some more.  But I’m not a night owl.  If I have a big deadline, then I’ll stay up and just write.

Oh, I also review for YA Books Central meaning I read tons of upcoming YA books.  I love this as it helps me see what’s being picked up and the current trends.

My writing goal is usually 500-1000 words a day.  I don’t write on Sundays.  When I first started writing, I would spend tons of time revising chapters.  Big mistake.  Now I just write the whole story.  Then the fun begins with revising.  It seems with each revision I chip away at my story to find the hidden diamond inside.

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You can visit Kim’s  website at www.kim-baccellia.com.

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