A Day in the Life of Dr. Harry Saranchak

A Day in the Life is Literarily Speaking’s newest feature. Here we get a glimpse into our favorite author’s day-to-day life! Today’s guest is Dr. Harry Saranchak, author of the mystery novel, Betrayals of Hippocrates: Crimes Against Innocence.


Dr. Harry SavanchakA Day in the Life of Dr. Harry Saranchak
by Dr. Harry Saranchak

Is it really okay to have pizza and wine for breakfast my wife asked?

Since we have been collaborating on so many projects lately, I may need to acquire some of her habits. Okay, she really does not drink wine for breakfast, but she does eat the pizza.

As I sit looking out over the deck and begin to wonder about impoverished countries, and how they have little or nothing for food, I begin to ask myself, “ Who really benefits from poverty?” “ If poverty still exists, then who votes for it to continue?”

Betrayals of InnocenceAs a retired surgeon and author, I have spent a lot of time asking these types of questions and find them inspirations for my novels.

I love to travel and meet new friends through out the world.

Each day I give thanks for what I have, and ask for impoverished countries to work diligently to irradicate disease and human suffering.

The reader will note that Betrayals of Hippocrates: Crimes Against Innocence, is a can’t put down medical thriller.

As I have devoured my slice of pepperoni, mushroom, broccoli pizza , this novel will work it’s voodoo on the taste buds of it’s reader.

A Day In The Life is spent saying Thank-you.

You can visit Dr. Saranchak’s website at http://www.harryjsaranchak.com.

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