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A Day in the Life of Romantic Suspense Novelist Kerri Nelson

A Day in the Life is Literarily Speaking’s newest feature. Here we get a glimpse into the day-to-day lives of authors, industry professionals, editors, agents and publishers. Today’s guest is Kerri Nelson, author of the romantic suspense novel, Cross Check My Heart.


Kerri NelsonA Day in the Life of Kerri Nelson

by Kerri Nelson

I write my books in daycare.  That’s right.  I write heart racing suspense, sweat inducing love scenes, and life changing romance while tending to the daily chaos of three young children.  So, the best way to share a day in the life with me is to share a copy of my normal daily “to do” list with you.

Here goes…

  1. Feed the Baby
  2. Burp the Baby
  3. Change the Baby
  4. Soothe the Baby
  5. Attempt to Potty Train the Toddler
  6. Change the Toddler
  7. Feed the Toddler
  8. Argue with the Toddler (“not everything is YOURS!”)
  9. Attempt to check e-mail (toddler unplugs computer)
  10. Wake 9 year old (requires repeated efforts)
  11. Check Blood Sugar of my 9 year old (she has juvenile diabetes)
  12. Feed the 9 year old
  13. Give the 9 year old insulin
  14. Argue with 9 year old about cleaning of disaster area room (futile effort)
  15. Take 9 year old to school
  16. Check e-mail and try to write a few measly words
  17. Repeat steps 1 through 8
  18. Get Baby & Toddler down for nap
  19. Write 1,000 words (I’m on a roll now)
  20. Answer phone call from mother (clock is ticking—writing time disappearing)
  21. Attempt to take a shower in relative peace (good luck on this one)
  22. Load 2 little ones in car and proceed to school to check 9 year old’s blood sugar for lunchtime & give insulin
  23. Cross Check My HeartReturn home to chorus of crying from extreme hunger (the children–not me–although I’m on a postpartum diet and always hungry)
  24. Repeat Steps 1 through 8
  25. Play with children (dream up new story ideas)
  26. Try to get some writing/work done (fail miserably)
  27. Pick up 9 year old from school
  28. Yell at 9 year old and toddler in the back seat to STOP all that Yelling (they wake the baby anyway)!
  29. Clean up house & get dishes/bottles & laundry done (done? yeah, right…in my dreams)
  30. Phone call from hubby (he’ll be late from work again–who can blame him?)
  31. Repeat steps 1 through 13
  32. Act as an “unreasonable parent” when I dare suggest that 9 year old do homework and clean room instead of talk to friends on the phone (Listen to the “But Mom!” Chorus)
  33. One more attempt at writing (get distracted by e-mail and Twitter)
  34. Hubby cooks gourmet dinner for me so that I can write (the best part of my day)
  35. Gobble up my one good meal of the day while juggling baby/toddler
  36. Get Toddler ready for bed (a 1 hour process of bathing, reading books, etc…)
  37. Catch a brief glimpse of the man I married as he hands the Baby off to me and then goes to bed
  38. Collapse in bed after the umpteenth feeding, burping, changing of baby
  39. Hear crying and jolt out of bed (it could be any of the kids–your guess is as good as mine)
  40. Rinse. Repeat.

Whew!  Anyone wanna babysit?

Read more about Kerri’s books at her website:  www.kerrinelson.com

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