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A Day in the Life of Historical Fiction Author Laura Vosika

A Day in the Life is Literarily Speaking’s newest feature. Here we get a glimpse into our favorite author’s day-to-day life! Today’s guest is Laura Vosika, author of the historical fiction novel, Blue Bells of Scotland.


Laura VosikaA Day in the Life of Laura Vosika

By Laura Vosika

The question I’m asked most often is how I have time to write novels with 9 children and a job. My answer is that I use the pieces of time scattered throughout the day to do what I love. It takes me longer to read a book now, I’ve given up going to the gym, and I never watched much television anyway. The time I would have spent on those things goes to writing. Walk through a typical day—if there is such a thing—and the time adds up.

During the school year, I get up around 7:30 to help my youngest children get ready for school. I write while I have my morning coffee; then I wash some dishes, run laundry, and walk the boys to school. By 9:30, I’m home, in an empty house. I divide the next four hours between chores and writing, heavy on the writing, before I leave to teach music lessons. Being a musician, I’m excessively punctual. Meaning, I Blue Bells of Scotlandget to work early, open the laptop, and write until my first student arrives. When students aren’t able to make a lesson, I use that time to write.

After teaching, I spend time with my children, clean up dinner, say family prayers, sometimes read stories with the younger boys or watch a movie with the older ones, and go back to writing after the kids are in bed. This is another two or three hours of writing, often until midnight or later.

Few days are completely typical, of course. There are field trips to chaperone, band concerts, children who need rides to various places, and sometimes, with 7 boys who like to run, jump, slide, and wrestle, trips to Urgent Care! There are birthday parties, trips to the beach or the North Shore, and the hundred other things that make up family life. For those things that involve waiting—like orthodontist appointments and dance class—I use the fifteen minutes or half hour to write.

To me, the secret is really deciding what you want out of life, and putting your time toward that.

You can visit Laura’s website at www.bluebellstrilogy.com.

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