Christmas Celebrations with Sparkle the Cat

Christmas Celebrations

Christmas Celebrations from Authors Around the World is Literarily Speaking’s newest features. We ask authors “What’s it like at your house over the holidays?” Today we welcome Sparkle, author of the humor pet book, Dear Sparkle: Cat-to-Cat Advice from the World’s Foremost Feline Columnist (Adams Media)!


SparkleFive Tips for a Cat-Friendly Holiday Season… From a Cat
By Sparkle the Cat

More and more, humans consider us cats part of the family. So why leave us out of the holiday festivities? Of course we should be included! In fact, we should even be catered to. After all, you humans cater to us the rest of the year. Why should the holidays be any different? So here are some cat-approved tips to make your, and your kitties’ holiday season the best ever!

Dear Sparkle*Let your cats share in the gift-wrapping process. They will insist on taking part anyway, so why resist? In fact, buy gift wrapping with your cats in mind – nice, crinkly paper, bows that can withstand some teeth marks, and gift bags that are big enough for a cat to hide inside. Before you give your gift, just make sure the cat is not wrapped inside of it!

*Be careful about the food you serve during holiday season – some of it is poisonous to cats. That includes ingredients like onions, garlic, tomatoes, chocolate, raisins and grapes. So don’t use these to make your holiday meals and treats. Sure, you can just not serve your lovingly-prepared holiday food to your cats, but wouldn’t that be mean? Just keep the bad-for-cats stuff out of it. Carbs aren’t that great for us kitties, either, so focus more on meat – turkey, ham and salmon are all great holiday choices. Who needs stuffing and sweet potatoes anyway? And alcoholic beverages smell icky, along with being bad for kitties – if we don’t need it, you don’t, either. Why not make some catnip tea instead?

*Lots of holiday plants, such as poinsettias, mistletoe, holly berries and the like are also poisonous to us kitties, so don’t bring them into the home. Instead, I suggest that if you want to decorate your home with live plants, buy the hugest pots of catnip and cat grass you can find. They are green and very festive!

*Potpourri can make your cat very ill if she tries to eat it, and scented candles can burn her if she brushes by. If you don’t want to spend your holiday at the emergency vet, avoid using these things to make your house smell nice. Besides, nothing says the holidays better than the aroma of turkey cooking, right?

*Want a cat-friendly Christmas tree? Instead of using glass ornaments, hang colorful cat toys! Okay, so the tree may become so cat-friendly that your crew may wind up knocking it over, but they probably would do that anyway and at least nothing will break.

I hope you find these tips helpful – I know your cats will love them!

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