The Story Behind ‘Pairs’ by David Richards

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The Story Behind the Book is Literarily Speaking’s newest feature. Here we find out either the inspiration behind authors’ books or how they got published. Today’s guest is David Richards, author of the women’s fiction novel, Pairs.


Pairs has a rather motley pedigree stretching back over twenty years, but if I had to pick the genesis it would be a bleak conversation that I had with a woman who was very briefly a caregiver for my infant daughter. The woman turned out to be a rather eccentric and, I soon discovered, soused individual whose thought process would best be described as tangential, thoughts stopping and starting and stumbling about inside the air-popper that was her mind.

I will say in my defence for leaving my daughter with this woman in the first place was that she did have a nice large home with a maid and several children of her own who by outward appearances seemed well adjusted. All of which taken together was, I had thought, a stellar testament of her character. However, the errors in my underlying assumptions were numerous, the most understandable yet grievous, was that she had played a significant role in the raising and care of her own family. The maid, however, informed me otherwise.

By that period of my life I had already completed a Bachelor Degree in Psychology. Yet, for some reason unique to her own slant of the world, this woman had considered me a self-educated man (no reflection on my alma mater, I’m sure) whom she knew to be dabbling in writing, and so would take a moment from her busy day running her maid ragged to provide me with spirited inspiration. She was well versed in the art of opinion, and no passing thought was so trivial as not to warrant prolonged discourse.

Perhaps it was merely statistically inevitable, but during one of the many occasions when I was trapped in her foyer while bundling my daughter for winter, she had actually managed to plant a seed. The idea for a short story that she had presented was rather a macabre tale of a woman carrying an encephalic fetus to term. It was her passion when describing a woman’s love for her unborn child that gave her suggestion impact and which I remember most. Over time the scenario developed into a woman carrying a child that she would not be keeping and eventually evolved as a concept to surrogacy and then finally to the premise behind the story of Pairs.

D.W. Richards is a member of the Canadian Authors Association and beyond being a novelist he is also a script-doctor and freelance writer. An excerpt from Pairs will appear in the October 2010 issue of the international literary PDF quarterly Cantarville as a standalone fiction piece. In addition to creative writing, D.W. Richards has a Bachelor Degree in Psychology from Carleton University and is a Certified General Accountant. He divides his time between Venice, Italy and Ottawa, Canada.

Visit his website at or connect with him on Twitter at

You can purchase a paperback copy of Pairs online by clicking here or order the Kindle edition by clicking here.

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