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Talking Virtual Book Tours with Blanca Beyar

Blanca BeyarBlanca Beyar, also known as (Lavanya) wears many hats. She is a Doctor of Natural Health, a Reiki Master, Shaman, Spiritual Counselor and beloved Guru. Her purpose and passion in life is to assist humanity in raising their consciousness, to help them unveil their divine radiance and achieve spiritual and emotional wholeness. Blanca honors her calling for service through her healing work and also through her writing. Her latest book, “The Goddess Speaks” is a sacred dictation that she received from the Mother Goddess that lovingly reaches out to humanity as only a Mother could. Each page is filled with inspiration, spiritual history and a promise for a brighter and wholesome tomorrow. Blanca also produces and hosts her own cable television show, “Spiritual Teachings With Lavanya” where she offers insight and guidance on spiritual principles. She has authored four other self-help/spiritual books and maintains a private holistic practice in Staten Island, New York. You can visit her website at SpiritAscend.com.

Blanca is on a virtual book tour this month with Pump Up Your Book and is here to answer a few questions about it.

Goddess Mother SpeaksCan you tell us how you found out about virtual book tours and why you decided to have one set up for you?

I was searching the Internet for ways to promote my book and came across a website promoting virtual book tours. I was very intrigued by the concept of offering interviews and information of my book online. The WWW has been and continue to be one of the greatest venues for communication and social interaction, not to mention the exchange of data. The Internet is the largest library in the world…I was interested!

Now that you’ve had a first hand experience of preparing for a virtual book tour, how has the experience been for you so far?  Did you find out things about your book you never realized before and what about all that hard work?  Was it exhausting?

What I did learn while working on my book tour is that it is harder than I thought to answer questions about the book and myself. The experience of the virtual book tour has taught me that I need to become more comfortable talking about the “writer and why does not writer write.” It was not at all exhausting to conduct the interviews, but it was a bit challenging to answer so many questions about myself. I just like to write; never thought too much beyond that reality.

What words of wisdom can you give others who are thinking about going on a virtual book tour?

I would definitely recommend authors to explore Virtual book tours. It is an easy way to receive exposure for your book without having to invest large sums of funds. In the process, you will learn much about yourself and it will serve you for future interviews and appearances.

You can visit Blanca’s tour page at http://www.pumpupyourbook.com/2011/06/03/mother-goddess-speaks-online-book-tour-july-2011/.

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