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Decking the Halls with Humor Writer Davis Aujourd’hui

DavisDavis Aujourd’hui is the author of the Sister Mary Olga Fortitude series of hilarious satires. The first book is entitled The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude. It was followed by Babes in Bucksnort.

Davis possesses a rich life experience that has enabled him to draw from it in order to create a colorful canvas upon which to paint very human lives. He is a retired social worker, having worked for Adult Protective Services in New York State for nearly twenty years. He developed the characters within his series of books in order to entertain a colleague by using the gift of humor.

As will be the case with Sister Mary Olga in his third book, he is a recovering alcoholic. He also happens to be gay as are several of the endearing and humorous characters within his novels. He can speak from his own experience. He has possessed all of the foibles of his cast of characters who are naughty, nasty, and nice.

Davis lives in Upstate New York where he is currently sharing his life with his partner of seven years. He is socially-minded and spirituality is the most important ingredient in order for him to maintain a happy and successful life.

Visit this blog for information on the series: http://bestsatireseriesofthedecade.blogspot.com

Visit this blog for information on the author: http://authordavisaujourdhui.blogspot.com

Connect with him on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Davis-Aujourdhui/138584429540046.


About Babes in Bucksnort

Babes in BucksnortBabes in Bucksnort is the first sequel to the highly praised The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude. Once again the unconventional bourbon-swilling, chain-smoking nun will spin outrageously funny new tales about the residents of Bucksnort, Wisconsin while she tests the will of a reformed prostitute who just happens to be her Reverend Mother.

Unfortunately there’s trouble brewing in the Snortlands. The nasty and notorious town busybody, Priscilla Bunhead, goes on a crusade to stamp out what she calls the gay menace. That’s when she convinces her millionaire friend, Mildred Mayflower, to give away her fortune in order to bring the Reverend Billy-Bob Blunthead and his Born Again or Burn Forever Disciples for Jesus to town to do the job. It will be an uphill climb for them when the closet doors of many gay people in the Snortlands burst open. Billy-Bob and his wife, Pinky Poo, will have another battle on their hands when Dimples Dufus, the heiress to the Mayflower fortune, arrives on the scene to reclaim her fortune.

You’ll also meet the hilariously bumbling, pothead psychiatrist, Doctor Wally Wacky-Wacko, who creates havoc for one of Sister Mary Olga’s favorite fellow nuns. Along with Mildred Mayflower, they become victims of his multi-colored pills that only turn them into zombies. The handsome and virile gay cowboy chef, Randy Cowboy, makes an important self-discovery about his never-ending sexual pursuits when he joins a twelve-step program called Sex Maniacs Notorious.

The irascible Martha Mayhem settles down into comfortable domesticity with her new life partner who happens to be her sister-in law. Martha still manages to stir up trouble on Dinkledorf Drive with her fellow enemies and neighbors, the prudish Priscilla Bunhead and the voluptuous Lula Mae Bunsaplenty. The question that remains is whether Lula Mae’s paramour, Jules Jesslike Pappas will put up with her continuing manipulative feminine wiles.

In between the laughs, Sister Mary Olga continues to dispense nuggets of spiritual wisdom during her classes in Beginner’s and Advanced Holiness. Just don’t take seats near the flatulent child named Fartley Dinkledorf or his lecherous one-hundred five year-old grandfather, Poopsy. The bottom line is that everyone is welcome in Sister Mary Olga’s classes. Join the diverse cast of zany characters for a joy ride that will tickle your funny bone until it aches.

Is Christmas your favorite holiday?


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Time with family to practice gratitude is all important to me. Christmas is my second most favorite holiday.

How do you prepare for the holidays?  Do you decorate?


I do decorate. I put up a big tree decorated by scores of favorite ornaments I have collected over my lifetime.


I bake dozens of Christmas cookies which I give to family and friends. I also love to shower my loved ones with presents. That brings me much joy.


What was Christmas like when you were a kid?


Christmas was my favorite holiday as a child. I loved the magic of the season. I loved the story of the birth of Jesus and believed in Santa Claus.


It was a time to celebrate with family. That involved my parents, my sister, and my four beloved grandparents. I have many happy memories that will endure for a lifetime.

What’s your most favorite ornament?


My favorite ornament is one that was painted from the inside. On it, is depicted a beautiful angel.


What’s your favorite holiday movie?


My favorite movie is It’s a Wonderful Life. I love the premise that we are all here for a wonderful purpose and that life would never be the same without each and every one of us. We all have a profound effect upon each other.


Favorite holiday story or book?


As a young child, my favorite story was The Night Before Christmas. I also love the Bible stories about the birth of Jesus.

What is the best present anyone could ever give to you?


The best present I could receive from anyone is their unconditional love.

Solid white lights or multicolored lights?

Magical multicolored lights, of course!

Favorite holiday song?


Joy to the World

What do you want Santa to bring you this year?


Another year with my loved ones.


Have you been a good little boy or girl or a naughty one?


I’ve been naughty and nice!

One last question, isn’t this fun?  What does Christmas mean to you?

It means to me that every day is meant to be filled with the same joy as this favorite holiday for so many. We are born again every day and have the potential to become as perfect as the baby Jesus.

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