5 Things You Should Know About Kenny Walsh by author Vincent Tuckwood.

About Vincent Tuckwood

Vincent Tuckwood NewVincent Tuckwood is a story-teller working in fiction, song and verse. At any given point in time, he’s proud to be a father, husband, son, brother, cousin and friend to the people who mean the world to him.

He is the author of the novelsEscalationFamily RulesKaraoke Criminals and Do Sparrows Eat Butterflies? as well as the 2010 poetry collection, Garbled Glittering Glamours. His screenplays are Team Building and the screen adaptation of Family Rules, Inventing Kenny.

Vince regularly connects with his audience at VinceT.net and at his story-teller page on Facebook, often writing poetry in response to their prompts, and encourages everyone to get in touch there.

You can find out more about him and his work at http://vincet.net.

5 Things You Should Know About Kenny Walsh, the main character in the novel Family Rules, by Vincent Tuckwood.

1. Kenny spent the first five years of his life on the UK comedy, ‘Family Rules!’ His television family is more real to him than his biological parents. These formative experiences leave Kenny with a distorted sense of his identity and a need to run away whenever reality comes too close.

2. On the set of ‘Family Rules!’, Kenny was given a spoon of Valium in honey to keep him calm between scenes. He grew to look forward to the gaps between scenes more than the scenes themselves.

3. By age 19, Kenny is on the streets of New York chasing any addiction that might help him avoid the emptiness. In Washington Square Park, he befriends, Ivvy, a junkie-cop lost in a similarly invented life.

4. Kenny turns to stealing cars for the immediate rush of the chase. This comes to an end when he steals a car in New Jersey only to find Bella, a two-year old child, in the back seat.

5. Panicking, and in desperate to avoid this new reality, Kenny decides that he will step into the role of the child’s father. For a lost, doomed weekend, Bella is his daughter and Kenny is her Dad.

About Family Rules

Family Rules NewNew York. In this city that never sleeps, anyone could make a brand new start of it. Or so the song goes.

For some people, starting again is no option.

Kenny is adrift in the city, tormented by the scars and memories of his unique upbringing as a child star in the UK, chasing any addiction that can fill the void he carries at his core.

Increasingly unable to paper over the cracks, to numb himself with street corner narcotics, or build an abiding relationship with his junkie soul-mate Ivvy, he turns to stealing cars to provide momentary escape from his increasingly desolate life.

Estranged from his parents, Kenny has no hope or vision of a better future.

Until one night he steals a car from a gas station in New Jersey and is offered an unexpected, final opportunity for redemption; a radically different role to play.

Family Rules is an intense personal account of an invented life, where all the rules of family life are inverted, and of the damage done when the boundary between reality and television is truly no boundary at all.

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