How to Integrate Email + Social Media Marketing

blog guysI get lots of great newsletters as that’s how I can share all these neat things with you but one of my absolute favorite is Social Media Examiner.  I’m always interested in what they have to say and I believe you’ll become a Social  Media Examiner junkie too once you read all of this wonderful information they put out.  Yesterday’s post was about integrating email lists and social media marketing.  Basically, how to use them both and at the same time to help you sell your message, products or books.  Keep in mind that social networks in itself cannot sell your book but it can surely get the message out to more people about it and as long as you use them wisely and effectively, they could become a power player in your marketing campaign.

I’ve been paying attention to my signature line in my emails from day 1 so I’m familiar with the concept as I’m sure you all are, too.  I’m sure we all need to revamp our signatures once in awhile to include current relevant places we want to include such as Google+ which got added to my signature last night as well as changing up on my banner I also include at the bottom of my sig line.

One of the most important ways of communication I have with book reviewers (as it’s part of my business) is my extensive email list which includes nothing but reviewers I trust and I use every time I get a new client’s book for review.  This is important to me as it cuts back time as we’re all in a time crunch, right?  If any of the reviewers are not interested in what I have sent through at the time, they have my signature line to find out what other books I have available for review.  If it is a new client I’m emailing, they might want to check out where else I am appearing on the Internet, so it’s very important to make sure you include relevant links in your signature line.

If you don’t want to manually write your email signature, there is a program that you can use that will include graphics and everything, really neat.  It’s called WiseStamp.  I can’t personally endorse it but I’ve seen it in use and it’s really a cool little program. It’s free unless you want the bells and whistles, but the free version is great.

How about you?   Do you have an email signature which includes your social network links?

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