Make Your Own 3D Movies to Promote Your Books + Win FREE PUMP UP YOUR BOOK CAP


I haven’t had a chance to announce it yet, but I’ll be self-publishing a new book pretty darn soon.  I know, I know, I have a publisher and while I love her to pieces, I want to see what this self-publishing thing is all about.  Granted, I’m not entirely new to the process having self-published a few ebooks in the past, but this was before anyone even knew what  a Kindle was all about.  I sold or gave away these ebooks on my website, took one of them on tour (before Pump Up) and basically just concentrated on building up my business.  Since Pump Up Your Book went into business five years ago, I’ve not had much time to write at all which made me happy the business is a success but made me sad, too. ;o(

I needed two of me!

As authors started coming in, I noticed a lot of them were self-published.  I listened to their stories and thought I would steal some time to finish my books I have had sitting for like ages and see what all the excitement was all about.  One book is getting ready to go to my publisher but being as I didn’t want to wait for years before I had a new one out, I thought why not write another and see what all this “being in the Kindle store” was all about and self-publish it. 

I. Am. Excited.

Anyway, back to what this blog post was supposed to be about!  The book that is going to the publisher is about soul mates.  The book I am writing (almost done) that I’m going to self-publish is also about soul mates.  So this little movie I’m going to show you that I made has to do with soul mates.  Go figure.

Really, this is cool.  Xtranormal is a website where you can make your own 3D movie.  My head is twirling thinking of all the things you can do with this.  Xtranormal offers a wide variety of characters, sets, and animations that you can easily add to any movie you create.  Cast your actors, write your script, and share your movie with your buddy/buddies and family.  And the best part is, you don’t need a huge budget or a film crew.  Believe me this thing is addicting.  And the cool thing is you can download it to YouTube.

I mean just think of the possibilities with this.  You could have two of the characters in your upcoming book talk about the book’s release.  I think that would be really cool.  Let’s say you’re a blogger and you don’t have a book, have people talk about your blog, what they can find there and mention the link!

Tell you what.  If anyone out there in blogland decides to try it out, I will give you a full free day here at Literarily Speaking spotlighting your handiwork.  Are there any budding producers out there?  When you make your video, leave the link in the comment section and I’ll feature it absolutely out of the kindness of my heart.  Seriously.

So here’s mine.  I messed up in one place.  See if you can find the goof?  I double dare ya.  Whoever is the first to find it and leaves the answer in the comments below wins…let me scrounge through this goodie bag and see what I can come up with…








Woohoo, is that exciting or what?  A Pump Up Your Book cap comes in handy for all sorts of things besides taking up space in my goodie bag, so watch the video carefully and if you’re the first person who can find where I  goofed up, a FREE CAP will be in the mail tomorrow heading toward your house.  Is this exciting or what???

Good luck!

Incidentally….I have a little secret….Pump Up Your Book will celebrate its 5th year anniversary during the whole month of April where we will be appearing on lots of blogs and giving away prizes at every stop.  Did I say stop?  Yeppers!  We’re going on our own virtual tour right along with the April authors!  If you would like to be included in our month long birthday bash, drop me a line at thewriterslife(at) and I’ll give you the details!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dorothy Thompson is CEO/Founder of Pump Up Your Book, an innovative public relations agency specializing in online book publicity tours.  You can visit us at  Let us take your book to the virtual level!


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