Book Review: Jekyll Says…Good Deeds Cats Do That You Should Too! by D.C. Blackbird

Jekyll Says

Title: Jekyll Says…Good Deeds Cats Do That You Should Too!

Author: D.C. Blackbird

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

Paperback: 36

Publisher: Campfire Publishing

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1468057243

ISBN-13: 978-1468057249


“Jekyll Says …” (Good Deeds Cats Do That You Should, Too!) is a series of amusing and educational poems told from the perspective of a wise and warm-hearted cat named Jekyll. Each perky poem epitomizes something about Jekyll’s vivacious personality and the lessons he teaches are designed to encourage people of all ages to be healthy and happy.

The poems in “Jekyll Says …” consist of rhyming couplets with equal syllables. They have a merry meter and rip-roaring rhythms which make them lively and lyrical and fun to read (or sometimes sing!) aloud.

More than anything, “Jekyll Says …” is perfect for Cat Lovers of all ages, as well as anyone who has ever known and/or loved a companion animal. This book is also appealing to those who desire a break from their busy lives and who want to read something that is joyous and uplifting.

Profits from the sale of this book benefit animal adoption, care, liberation, rescue, and welfare organizations.

Book Trailer:


Okay so who has that cute little jingle (watch trailer above) still in their heads?  I wanted to include the book trailer in with my review today so you can feel the whole experience.

Jekyll Says…Good Deeds Cats Do That You Should Too! by D.C. Blackbird is one of the cutest books for young children I have ever seen.  I love books that instill good qualities in children and this one certainly fits the bill.  Jekyll is one cool cat and because of this, I feel young children will relate to him.  While it would no doubt charm the diapers right off your little one’s bottom, it’s also a pick me up for kids not feeling good about themselves.  Had a hard day at school and the bully wouldn’t leave you alone?  Grab this book.  I’ll guarantee you the smiles will come out the minute the first page is turned.

Jekyll  makes reading and learning how to do simple things such as keeping clean and how to eat breakfast (in bed of course!), waking up happy, and even shows you how baths can be fun.  He tells us how to wake up happy, how baths can be fun and how to “dress your best” and how to make others smile.

I wish I had had this little book when my kids were young!

The illustrations are whimsical and beautifully done and helps pull the entire book together.  If you are looking for just the right book to read to your children (be sure to watch the trailer first to get the song in your head), this is the one.  Both of you will end up singing right along with the words.  Before you know it, your kid will show up with a new kitty and demand he be called Jekyll.   Why you ask?  Because Jekyll represents happiness!

I would give this 5 out of 5 stars.

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