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We have a treat for you today. Today is our sixth edition of AuthorVids! So what is an Author Vid? An AuthorVid is where we send questions to an author and they answer them in a video they have prepared themselves. Today’s guest author is Alicia Singleton, author of the wonderful suspense novel, Dark Side of Valor. Please check out her website and book information following the video. And don’t forget to follow Alicia on her virtual book tour January 3 – 27. You can visit her official tour page here!

And now I’m happy to bring you Alicia Singleton, author of Dark Side of Valor!

About Alicia Singleton

Alicia Singleton

Born and raised in Philadelphia, the Howard University graduate embraced the written word at an early age. She credits this to her loving, older sister whom, while they were youngsters, made the author eat lotion on a regular basis. Realizing the need to sound-out the ingredients on the lotion label, Alicia stopped the lotion-eating practice, but continued to read the labels of the concoctions her sister brought for her to try. This early necessity to read flowered to a passion; hence, a writer was born.

The award winning author resides in Maryland with her wonderful husband and son. Still an avid reader, label or otherwise, Alicia is hard at work completing her next suspense novel. Her latest book is the suspense novel, Dark Side of Valor. Visit Alicia’s website at

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Library Thing | Goodreads | Amazon | YouTube | LinkedIn | Powell’s Books | Simon & Schuster | BooksAMillion l Official Tour Page

About Dark Side of Valor

Dark Side of Valor

Child advocate Lelia Freeman saves children for a living. As the director of ChildSafe Shelters, she ventures to abandoned squats and crackhouses to rescue teens from the hellish streets of Los Angeles. When she is summoned to Washington to serve on a committee that aids the children of a war-torn African nation, Lelia is kidnapped and becomes a political pawn in a sinister conspiracy. Oceans away from everything she knows, she must trust a mercenary to save her life, or die in the clutches of a psychopath.

Hunting, combat and staying alive are Elijah Dune’s specialties. Vengeance is his passion. Haunted by past demons, he’s travels to the Motherland to collect a debt. A debt that demands one payment. Death.

Caught in the crosshairs of a madman, Lelia and Elijah must survive the jungles of Zaire and the horrors of their pasts or be forever consumed by the DARK SIDE OF VALOR.

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3 Responses to “AuthorVid: Suspense Author Alicia Singleton Talks to Literarily Speaking”

  • admin:

    Wow. I couldn’t have asked for a better AuthorVid. Alicia, you did fantastic! Love the pictures behind you and the story around them. Alligators??? You poor woman! I would have died once someone told me what was in those trenches! Anyway, I think you and may your days be blessed also!

  • Fabulous vid. I think I’ll let you play where the alligators are. I’ll stay here in my little New England suburb far away from animals with sharp teeth. :)

  • It’s hard to tell which comes through more, her passion or her excitement. It was so smooth! Sticking around for the info about her research was a great bonus!

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