In the Mailbox 4/14: Back Channel: The Kennedy Years by William Bertrand MacFarland

Back ChannelSo did everyone survive Friday the 13th yesterday?  I didn’t even want to go out.  My grandmother swore it was nothing to Friday the 13th until she fell down while working in the hospital and broke her leg.  Might I say she became a believer?  Yes sirree ma’am.

My daughter had to pick up her car and drop off the rental and I went with her.  We get up there and the insurance company had sent her a check to give to the place where she was supposed to pick up her car and guess what.  She forgot it and we had to ride all the way back home to get it, then go all the way back up there which was about an hours worth of driving time or more.  That’s about all bad that happened to me yesterday, what about you?

One good thing that did happen was that I received a wonderful book called Back Channel: The Kennedy Years by William Bertram MacFarland which I really want to review before his tour ends the end of May.  Here’s the first paragraph:

My name is William Bertam MacFarland. I am a patriot, a soldier, a spy and an assassin. I have served under, and reported directly to, nine Presidents of the United States – from John F. Kennedy to George W. Bush. I have participated in some of hte most momentous events which have occurred during that period – and due to that participation, in some small ways, may even have had an influence in this nations’ history. Throughout my long career, I have tried to keep a recoverd of the events that I witnessed, lived through, and participated in. Taken together, I believe they provide insights that are available through no other source – and if I die without passing them along, these facts will never come to light.

I absolutely can’t wait to start reading this.  I grew up in the JFK days and knew first hand how traumatic his death was.  When we heard the news, all the schools were let out.  I remember walking home and just had this awful feeling.  When I walked up the steps to our apartment in which my mother, little sister and I lived, I dreaded opening that door.  Once inside, you could hear the cries and the moans coming from the bedrooms.  JFK was one of the most loved Presidents of all time.  I still have the wall hanging we had bought with his picture on it that was hanging at the time of his death on our apartment wall.

BTW if anyone wants to review this, email me at thewriterslife (at)  I’m putting him on tour in May and would love to see if I can get more reviewers interested.  This.  Is. A. Good. One.

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