Happy Mother’s Day!

8911I want to wish everyone a very happy Mother’s Day today!  If you are a mother, more power to you and I hope today gives you a chance to get those feet up!

I have a love/hate relationship with Mother’s Day.  The love part comes easy.  I have two wonderful grown kids – a daughter and a son.  They couldn’t make my life more perfect.   The hate part only gets acknowledged when I start thinking about my own Mother and how she isn’t here with us anymore (at least in the physical side of things).

I thought today I’d send her a few words via my little ol’ blog.  And it goes like this..

Dear Mother,

First of all, happy Mother’s Day!  I wish it could be in the flesh but in spirit will have to do.  I want to thank you for bringing me into this world so that I could experience what being a mother was all about.  Despite the rough start, I quickly acclimated myself to the position.  It’s supposed to come natural but let me tell you something, it’s nothing natural about a baby screaming all night or having to stretch the budget to include Spud Flakes (have they finally taken them off the market?) or trying to decide between Pampers and Filet Mignon.  Thank goodness you never spoiled me because then I would have really had a problem on my hands.

But you know this Mother thing?  There’s nothing like it.  What would I do without my kids?  They are the reason I breathe.

So on this Mother’s Day 2012 I want to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day and let you know you’ll always be in my heart forever and always.


Your Daughter

I want to wish all mothers out there the very happiest Mother’s Day possible.  Be sure you let your children know how much they are appreciated and loved. ;o)

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