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Staying Grounded in Shifting Sand: Work From the Inside Out by Linda Ferguson

Linda FergusonDr. Linda J. Ferguson is an author, speaker, coach, and seminar leader to support people leading a joyful and awakened spiritual life. Linda’s website, www.lindajferguson.com , contains videos, meditations, affirmations, and other useful resources for spiritual growth and personal development. Readers find inspiring and informative ideas in Linda’sblogto enrich their spirituality for everyday living- www.lindajferguson.com/blog/ .

Dr. Ferguson is author of two books “The Path for Greatness – Work as Spiritual Service” and “Staying Grounded in Shifting Sand- Awakening Soul Consciousness for the New Millennium“. Readers find the exercises at the end of every chapter valuable and practical. They can apply the ideas immediately in their life and see results. Linda has conducted three national book tours, presented at national conferences, and conducted worship services to inspired and appreciative audiences. Linda also leads Shamanic Journeys, spiritual study groups, and retreats for people who want to dive deeper into the insights and ideas offered in her books on spiritual growth and transformation.

Linda has developed a seven step process of Transformational EmpowermentTM, for personal mastery. She developed this powerful process of manifesting and creating positive life changes from her own life experiences, her work with her coaching clients, and her study of mysticism.

She uses the spiritual principles found in her Transformational EmpowermentTM process in her coaching practice so that her clients more effectively move through their important life changes. Her coaching provides a structured and consistent venue so that people can make positive changes in their life easefully and confidently.

Lindahas been on radio interviews and has featured articles in Interbeing, a journal of personal and professional mastery. She also writes a weekly blog to support people’s desire to integrate their spiritual life with their professional lifewww.managementhelp.org/blogs/spirituality/


Dr. Ferguson earned her Ph.D. from Indiana University (I.U.-Bloomington) in Organizational Behavior with a Masters also from I.U. studying Social Psychology. She has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in psychology and management. Linda did her coach training in 2004 from Coach Training Alliance, completed her certification in Team Coaching, and has CCE credits from International Coach

Federation (ICF).

In 1994 she traveled abroad for six months to Asia, Australia, Israel, and Europe before moving to Virginia where she currently lives. Her personal spiritual practice includes daily prayer and meditation, Sufi Dances of Universal Peace, Integral Yoga, Native American Sweat Lodges and other Earth-based ceremonies.


Stay Grounded in Shifting Sand: Work from the Inside Out

Staying Grounded in Shifting SandWhile giving presentations for my first book, Path for Greatness: Work as Spiritual Service, I realized that people not only had a deep yearning and hunger for integrating their spiritual life with their work life, but they also wanted to stay spiritually connected through all their life situations and challenges.

I met some amazing people, from bus drivers to Fortune 500 executives, who were able to integrate their spirituality with their work and apply those same ideas in their daily life.  I share a few such stories in some videos on my website (www.lindajferguson.com)

This was all happening in the aftermath of Sept. 11th, 2001. As you may remember, there was a lot of uncertainty and fear in the U.S and abroad.  I believe that event was a cosmic wake-up call for all of us to more carefully examine how we were living and working.

During this time I was going through a divorce and lost a job. I felt my own ground shaken apart.  On several occasions I felt I had fallen into a deep dark hole and had no idea how I would crawl out. I had to develop and rely on my spiritual center to get me through those times.  Luckily I had spiritual teachers and guides, and read several good books, that helped me in my journey.

I learned to work with my spirit guides and shift how I see my world.  I learned that we experience what we need for our spiritual growth, soul contracts, and spiritual life lessons.

The major lesson I got was – We create our world from the inside out.  The more I clear out my old baggage, resentments, and judgments, the better I’m able to show up in the world as a compassionate, caring, grounded person.  From there, people respond and life situations and change accordingly.

Now, rather than struggle and resist when I get thrown a curve ball, I accept what is unfolding and look for the lessons or spiritual reminders in it. As the saying goes, “God prunes you so you may grow more bountiful.”

I know by shifting how I see a situation, I can raise my energy and move from a place of gratitude and clarity.  In this way, I find greater peace and balance, rather than spiral down into frustration or despair.

As I learned how to step through my fears and challenges, I knew I needed to write about what I learned.  I wanted to develop exercises for others so they could strengthen their connection to God/Higher Power/Great Spirit.  That way no matter how much the ground below them shifted, they’d be able to stay centered and move through their life situations more ease-fully.

I want my book to support and guide people in their journey of transformation, to help them step through their fears and doubts to find greater balance, joy and inner peace.  As we each do our own work to move through fears, release past pain, and find greater balance and wholeness, we will be able to follow the path of Love.

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