Guest Blogger: The Inspiration Behind Son of a Soldier by Aiken Brown

9789Aiken BrownI’m happy to have Aiken Brown, author of Son of a Soldier here today to talk about the inspiration behind her book.  Aiken graduated summa cum laude from Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama. She is the author of In a Brother’s Eyes: the Brant McLachlan Story (2005), For Such a Time as This (2007) and Son of a Soldier (2012). Aiken’s book are available at all major booksellers and in Kindle, Nook and other ebook formats! Learn more about Aiken Brown’s books at and become a fan at

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Son of a SoldierThe Inspiration Behind Son of a Soldier
By: Aiken Brown

My goal in life is to be willing to be used by God, however He sees fit. I truly believe that if we are not open to the ways in which God wants to work in our lives, we will miss out on blessings beyond anything we could have imagined for ourselves! We are taught that God blessed each of us with various spiritual gifts. (Rick Warren writes eloquently on this topic in his bestseller, The Purpose Driven Life, if you wish to read more.) I discovered my passion and aptitude for writing very early on in my life, and I have no doubt that God gave me this gift with a responsibility to use it for His glory. I consider it not only a desire and an honor but a responsibility to write the novels that God places on my heart. When I write, I don’t necessarily try to create a story about faith … it just happens. My faith is the driving force in my life, so I honestly can’t fathom it not being a huge part of my novels. My books are about life and love, and I can’t imagine either without Christ as the center. I write Southern, Christian Fiction because I’m a Southern girl, and I love telling stories about the South while using the gift that God gave me to share the never-ending love of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I want to be a gateway through which God blesses others, and my novels are one way that I can do that.

Son of a Soldier is the powerful story of how God used one unlikely, country girl to change the course of history. It seemed impossible to believe that an eighteen-year-old girl from the middle-of-nowhere, Tennessee would have any real significance in the history of our nation…that is until God chose her to make a Godly man out of a flawed, military hero’s stubborn son.

Hailey was a small town, farm girl who had never left her home state of Tennessee. She was a naïve tomboy who possessed an unassuming charm, the power of which she could not comprehend. Grant was a rebellious Army brat who had seen the world. Glib, sarcastic and self-destructive, he was a loner lost in a world he had never felt he fit into. They seemingly had little in common, but when two hearts collided, two worlds became one; while Hailey embarks on a beautiful journey of self-discovery in this unique coming-of-age story, Grant travels a winding, dirt road that helps him rediscover a lost innocence and discover a renewed purpose.

I feel led by God to write in such a way that my novels remain approachable to all readers, not only Christians. I want my novels to appeal to those looking for books about sports or a good love story, then have them be touched by the book’s positive message. I deal with subjects relevant to all readers: emotions, struggles, temptations, worries, fears, love and friendship. I feel that the most important thing to remember, as a writer and as a reader, is that though times, settings, events and experiences my differ, there are certain emotions that are both timeless and universal. My books offer a little of something for everyone, and I believe that God placed the story of Grant Cohen on my heart because He intends to use it to reach people for Him.


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