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Character Dear Reader Letter: Katie Connell from Pamela Fagan Hutchins’ ‘Saving Grace’

lettersJanuary doesn’t have to be all about freezing temperatures and nothing to do! Literarily Speaking will be hosting authors from January 2 – 25 with a fun way to get through the winter doldrums. We are asking authors to have their characters write letters to their readers. If your character had a voice (and of course they do!), what would they like to say to their readers? Now they finally have a say! Put on a hot toddy, light the fire and read these way cool letters to YOU, our dear readers!

Today’s guest is Katie Connell from Pamela Fagan Hutchins’Saving Grace!

Katie Connell is a high-strung attorney whose sloppy drinking habits and stunted love life collide hilariously in a Texas courtroom. She flees humiliation to investigate the suspicious deaths of her parents on the island St. Marcos, where she’s bewitched by the voodoo spirit of an abandoned house in the rainforest and discovers that she’s as much a danger to herself as the island’s bad guys are.

Dear Readers,

There’s a better-than-even chance you will receive a link to a certain YouTube video in your inbox one day soon, of me. It’s less than flattering. Words defy me in explaining how big an understatement “unflattering” really is. I’m writing to beg you to delete it. As one human to another, I implore you. Hit delete.

I mean, seriously, just imagine how you would feel if someone broadcasted your most humiliating moment to the entire world. It’s easy to forget my successes — partner in a major Dallas law firm, (semi) professional musician, home remodeler extraordinaire, hell-O! — with that thing plastered all over Facebook. I’m a real person, with real feelings, after all.

Some of you are part of the bajillion people that have already seen it. No, I didn’t realize I was mewling like a cat in court that day. Yes, I realize hungover is not my best look. And enough about the hot guy in the video already, the one everyone keeps rewinding for a better look at as he exits the courtroom. He’s sort of the cause of this whole mess.

If he hadn’t gone all Heathcliff on me after things went bad between us in Shreveport, I don’t think the Bloody Marys would have become an issue. And without the Bloody Marys, I wouldn’t have gone to St. Marcos to investigate my parents’ deaths, which means I wouldn’t have found the jumbie house Annalise or gotten mixed up with Ava. My partner Gino wouldn’t have pressured me to take the Zane McMillan case, so I wouldn’t have ever met McZillion himself or ended up on the floor while every smartphone in the room captured me mid-meltdown.

I’m not saying it is anyone’s fault but my own, I’m just asking for some compassion. When the video link lands in your inbox, don’t click it. Don’t post it. And please don’t forward it to your contact list. JUST HIT DELETE.

Thanks for your understanding,

Katie Connell


Pamela Fagan HutchinsPamela Fagan Hutchins writes award-winning mysterious women’s fiction and relationship humor books, and holds nothing back.  She is known for “having it all” which really means she has a little too much of everything, but loves it: writer, mediocre endurance athlete (triathlon, marathons), wife, mom of an ADHD & Asperger’s son, five kids/step-kids, business owner, recovering employment attorney and human resources executive, investigator, consultant, and musician.  Pamela lives with her husband Eric and two high school-aged kids, plus 200 pounds of pets in Houston. Their hearts are still in St. Croix, USVI, along with those of their three oldest offspring.

Her latest book is the mystery/women’s fiction, Saving Grace.



Saving GraceIf you’re at all inclined to be swept away to the islands to fall in love with a rainforest jumbie house and a Texas attorney who is as much a danger to herself as the island bad guys, then dive headfirst with Katie Connell into Saving Grace.

Katie escapes professional humiliation, a broken heart, and her Bloody Mary-habit when she runs to the island of St. Marcos to investigate the suspicious deaths of her parents. But she trades one set of problems for another when she is bewitched by the voodoo spirit Annalise in an abandoned rainforest house and, as worlds collide, finds herself reluctantly donning her lawyer clothes again to defend her new friend Ava, who is accused of stabbing her very married Senator-boyfriend.


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