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Character Dear Reader Letter: Donna Collins from Monica Daddio’s ‘Humanizing the Jaguar’

lettersJanuary doesn’t have to be all about freezing temperatures and nothing to do! Literarily Speaking will be hosting authors from January 2 – 25 with a fun way to get through the winter doldrums. We are asking authors to have their characters write letters to their readers. If your character had a voice (and of course they do!), what would they like to say to their readers? Now they finally have a say! Put on a hot toddy, light the fire and read these way cool letters to YOU, our dear readers!

Today’s guest is Donna Collins from Monica Daddio’s Humanizing the Jaguar!

Donna Collins is a young woman whose life is routine. She goes to work, tends to her dog and keeps up her apartment while maintaining a casual relationship with her boyfriend. Nothing too exciting or out of the norm, except that Donna is uncertain about her feelings toward her boyfriend, yet very much wants to have a child. Her family doesn’t make it any easier by constantly reminding her she’s not getting any younger; that she landed a good catch and should just go with it. This puts Donna at odds, but worries they might be right.

Dear Readers,

I am an attractive young woman of thirty, in a ho-hum relationship and fully aware that I am running out of options. If I want that family I dream of, I have to take what I can get, even if it means a dull, uninspiring boyfriend. I long for that passionate, electrifying romance, and to take my mind off of my monotonous life, I engross myself in my romance novels. While reading, I can pretend to be that lucky woman who is swept off her feet by her true love. I know this sounds silly, but it’s how I cope with my tedious life.

While taking my daily walk on that ordinary December day I couldn’t believe what was to take place. Trust me, if it did not happen to me I, too, would not believe my tale.

It all started with the choices I made that morning. My daily routine is to have my dog, Dixie, accompany me for my walk taking the same path everyday. However, on that morning I made two choices that would change the course of my future. I didn’t take Dixie with me and I chose to cut my walk short. I went off course taking a shortcut when it all happened. Unexpectedly, in front of me was a stranger. If I had kept up with the current music scene, I would have eventually recognized him. However, he desired the anonymity I provided. To him I was a rare find, being unaware of his celebrity, so he kept me in the dark. Turns out he was the latest, hottest superstar to make the charts, known by millions. Imagine my surprise when I finally found out who this man turned out to be!

I, Donna Collins, just a regular person, got the chance to know him briefly one-on-one. Nevertheless, it wasn’t long before he invited me behind the scenes to experience the rock and roll lifestyle for myself first hand. This was something far from anything I ever expected to have happen. It put the excitement in my life that I had been missing and it also forced me to confront important issues I had not wanted to face. Read my wild, crazy story and take the ride with me as my new world unfolds. You will be fascinated, too!


Monica1-300x300Monica Daddio was born and raised in Trenton, NJ. She attended St. Stephens and Holy Cross grammar schools, Junior 4, and Trenton High. From there went to wrok for Mercer County Elections Office. Most recently she has retired and relocated to the Bristol VA/TN area. Her passion and love has always been music and she will jokingly tell you that she is a professional listener. With a vast collection of over 500 artists, she has a wide range of musical taste and that’s how her story came to be. This is her tribute to the musicians and music she loves so much.

To find out more visit her website at : www.monicadaddio.com or at http://www.humanizingthejaguar.com


Humanizing the JaguarHow do you tame the untamable? Bryan Wharton has been through more than any child should bear, leaving him emotionally scarred. When his new family proves to him that love and encouragement do exist, Bryan pursues his only dream. With the friendship and support of a few boys from school, they succeed in making their wild fantasies of becoming rock stars a reality. Through their hard work they rise to fame, while Bryan’s confident, cocky attitude generates animosity within the group. After a particularly grueling ordeal, he meets a young woman who captivates him in ways like no one else ever has. Donna’s ignorance over who he really is and her genuine concern during their fleeting time together allows him to freely open up to her. The two form a bond, becoming oddly entwined. After getting back to what Bryan knows best, he realizes he needs to devise a way for Donna to be near him for what he believes is his own selfishness. Donna was ready for an adventure knowing she’d become the envy of young women worldwide and was hoping that this could lead to more. What does this mean for the two-friendship, love or? As an added bonus this book also includes a game. There are many music clues scattered throughout the text. How many of the hidden clues can you find?

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