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Book Review: Vampire of Macondo by Deborah Dupre

Vampire of MacondoTitle: Vampire of Macondo
Author: Deborah Dupre
Genre: Nonfiction
Paperback: 530 pages
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Language: English


The untold story of psychopathic genocide of Americans by the petrochemical military industrial complex, of how BP’s Deepwater Horizon catastrophe has sickened and killed thousands of people on the Gulf of Mexico Coast and government covered it up. Hear heart-rending cries of the victims. Read thoroughly documented evidence of crimes by Big Oil, the military, the seafood and tourism industries, health care providers, and corrupt government leaders.

See the facts backed by over 1000 references. Meet the Vampire of Macondo.


If you are looking for one powerful book, Vampire of Macondo by Deborah Dupre has got to be on the top of your list.  Much of this book will shock you when you read the stories of these people who have been ignored but suffering and the government is doing all they can to hide the fact.  Between the facts that Ms. Dupre has uncovered, there are stories that will make you absolutely cry.  It just doesn’t make sense to me how we can let our people suffer this way.    While their region is known as Cancer Alley, how many more times will it take before there is something done?  I don’t mean this to be a rant, but that’s what Vampire of Macondo does to you.  It opens up your eyes when so many others want you to be blinded by the facts.

Inside the Book:

“We have become the guinea pigs for the U.S. military,” says Rosalind Peterson.  “And because they’re testing in so many oceans, this is going to have a worldwide effect.  This will hit every country in one way or another.  This will set off hunger for coastal communities that depend on the oceans for food.”

“We’ll never pick this oil out of the marsh.  There’s not a fish, turtle, not a bug, that will survive,” president of Plaquemines parish Billy Nungresser said in May 2010 after he and Louisian aGovernor Bobby Jindal flew over south Louisiana.”

“The Deep Water Horizon explosion was no accident, according to Dr. Riki Ott, AC Griffth, and others.  When people are repeatedly warned for months that their planned reckless act would injure or kill, but they perform that  act regardless, it is intentional and criminally negligent at best, not an accident.”

If you want the real story, read this book.  Highly recommended.

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