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Guest Blogger: Jordan Maylea Ramirez, author of ‘Lifetime of Achievement’

If I could make up a title for myself it would be “Life-Design Extraordinaire”. I believe life was meant to be wonderful… maybe not every day, maybe not even every week… but I believe overall our days should be more wonderful than not.

Lifetime of AchievementIronically, this philosophy fits in perfectly with my Type-A personality and my obsession with planning everything. I’m not kidding. I plan everything. I believe I can conquer most anything if I am able to plan for it… and almost nothing if I’m not. Some people call that being anal-retentive… I call it being prepared.

I also believe in the philosophy of “Go Big or Go Home” – if I am going to do something, you best darn believe it’s going to be awesome. Well researched, perfectly planned and awesome. After all, if you are going to do something half-way, why even do it?

I say this all jokingly, but I really am serious. Too many people live on autopilot;in an endless cycle of dreading Mondays, hoping for Wednesday and praying for Fridays. To many people are stuck in lives they didn’t choose, and don’t know how to get out. My mission is to change that.

One of the passions my husband and I share is our love for travel. We’ve only been married a couple of years and make it a point to travel as often as we possibly can. Thanks to my obsession, every trip we take is planned months, sometimes years, in advance and always meets our three main criteria: low-crowds, great weather and under no circumstances will a trip EVER interfere with a Texas Tech Football home game (GO RED RAIDERS!).

Our trip to the Bahamas at the end of last October was no exception. I did one last weather-check the day before we left and was happy to see our planning had paid off — we were in for a beautiful week of sand and sun. We arrived and checked in to our oceanviewsuite at The Cove (part of the Atlantis Resort) before hurrying out for burgers on the beach. It was paradise!

As we were getting ready for bed on the second night of our trip we decided to turn on The Weather Channel to get an update for the rest of the week. Imagine my surprise when we learned a tropical storm had developed… literally over night!

“No worries”, the weatherman said, “We expect it to dissipate before it turns into anything substantial.”

The next morning, the front desk attendant said the same thing, “Oh no, it’s not coming here.”

Fears far from being abated I checked the weather again after lunch. Not only was this thing NOT dissipating, it was growing. Fast. And it was headed straight for us.

Turns out the storm did develop into something. A little hurricane… maybe you’ve heard of it… Hurricane Sandy? And two days later we were videoing Jim Cantori impressions on our iPhones and sending them to our friends and family back home.

People say there are worse places to be stuck than in Paradise. Those people have never seen Paradise during a hurricane. Since no one could get in or out of the islands we ended up staying there two extra nights. Don’t worry… the “hurricane” room rate is 50% off.

When we saw the hotel staff lining the doors with sandbags and cocooning the cabanas in plastic wrap we knew things were getting serious.

It quickly became too dangerous to go outside, so we navigated the resort through the underground tunnels connecting the buildings. The one time we DID try to go outside, we got caught in a 70mph wind tunnel and I was blown off my feet, over a trash can and into a bush.

I’m not kidding. You can ask my husband.

Aside from the inconvenience it really wasn’t all that bad. We spent too much time in the casino, ate way too much food and actually found some fellow Red Raider fans to watch the game with us in the casino bar. We may not have had the vacation we planned, but we still came away with a story that will last us a lifetime. And the day after the storm we were blessed with the most beautiful blue ocean you will ever see.

I guess the lesson here is you can’t plan for everything. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t plan anything. For the past 5 years I have been living my life under the philosophy that we are responsible for the life we have. That is what my book is about. It didn’t happen overnight, but over time my life has become a reflection of the person I am aspiring to be every day. For the most part, my husband and I plan our work around our life, not the other way around. We travel, we go to football games and we spend time on a weekly basis doing things we enjoy. We pursue our passions, and we create the life we want instead of settling for the life we get.

This lifestyle is possible for everyone. It doesn’t have to be about money, it doesn’t have to be about flash, it’s just about happiness and whatever that word means to you. You deserve to create your life by design, my book shows you how to go out and make it happen!


Jordan Maylea Ramirez 2Jordan Maylea Ramirez lives with her husband Robert in Lubbock, Texas with their 3 dogs and two horses. Because both her parents have always been self-employed, she had an entrepreneurial spirit from an early age and began her first business at the age of 17. It was at that time that she first became fascinated with the subject of personal development and the impact a personal education can have on a person’s life. She grew up riding horses and competing in Dressage shows all across Texas and New Mexico. The sport continues to be one of the primary passions in her life and if she is not working or spending time with her family you can usually find her at the barn. Jordan has two younger siblings, Clayton and Paige, whom she is very close to, and she greatly enjoys spending time with her family. She and Robert enjoy entertaining friends at their home (especially during football season – Go Red Raiders!) and they love to travel the world and experience new countries and cultures together.

Her latest book is Lifetime of Achievement.


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