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A Day in the Life of Inspirational Fiction Author Alana Terry

A Day in the Life is Literarily Speaking’s newest feature. Here we get a glimpse into our favorite author’s day-to-day life! Today’s guest is Alana Terry, author of the novel, The Beloved Daughter.


A Day in the Life of Alana Terry
by Alana Terry

Even though I consider myself a career author, my day to day life includes lots of things that aren’t writing related at all. I homeschool my three The Beloved Daughteryoung boys, one of whom has special needs. Our days are filled with field trips, music lessons, science experiments, and therapy appointments. I also have a home business leading homeschool clubs for other kids on our town. As a family, we devote quite a lot of time to reading together as well.
I think my favorite time of day to spend with my family is in the mornings. I make it a point to not even check my email account until after breakfast and our first lessons of the day. We usually spend some time cuddling with Daddy before he goes to work, then I read on the couch to my two youngest boys. After breakfast, we’ll often do some math or some music, and maybe a little handwriting. Once those things are out of the way, I’ll spend some time writing.

My writing schedule can get pretty hectic, depending on what stage of the writing process I’m in. For example, I’m hoping to spend one month this summer in a writing “blitz,” knocking out a rough draft (or substantial portion of one) in just a few weeks. I’ll probably spend the time between breakfast and lunch on writing, and then I’ll keep the afternoons free for outings, bike rides, and all the fun things my boys and I like to do in the summer. After dinner and bedtime, I’ll probably write some more for a few hours.


Alana TerryAlana Terry is a homeschooling mother of three. “The Beloved Daughter” is her debut Christian novel and won second place in the Women of Faith writing contest. Alana is also the author of “A Boy Named Silas,” the story of her son’s complicated medical history and “What, No Sushi?” a children’s chapter book about the Japanese-American internment.

Visit her website at www.alanaterry.com or connect with her on Twitter at www.twitter.com/aboynamedsilas.

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