Self-Publishing Report: Interview with Jordan Ekeroth, author of ‘The Fulton Incident’

Jordan EkerothJordan Ekeroth is a young man with a clear voice, wisdom beyond his years, and always a story to tell. From a young age, you could find him either buried in books or bearing the adventure of his imagination into the great outdoors. He’s met some people and seen some things that have given him a radical desire to impact the world in a positive way. A person of deep faith, his dream in writing is to take people along on the adventure of a lifetime, while simultaneously creating a space for them to learn about themselves and the world around them.

His latest book is the adventure/suspense, The Fulton Incident.

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Thank you for this interview, Jordan.  You self-published your latest book, The Fulton Incident.  Would you please tell us why you chose the self-publishing route?

The Fulton Incident was my baby. I conceived it and nursed it, and when it came time to push it out into the world, it seemed only natural that I would do it myself. Of course, I did my research, and I’ve seen the numbers and heard the stories and I was aware that today’s market belongs to the self-published. On a more personal level though, I wanted to demonstrate that writing a book can be a DIY project. You decide when you’re a professional writer, don’t wait for a publisher to tell you.

The Fulton Incident smWhat different online stores carry your book?

When the book was ready to go to press, I didn’t feel like I had time to initially invest in several platforms. So for now the book is only available on Amazon.

Do you think that having your book self-published makes any difference to the media?

Are they open to interviewing self-published authors or reviewing their books?  Self publishing is a blessing and a curse to the media. On the one hand, the success stories feel far more raw and exciting. On the other hand, it becomes far more difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. Personally, I’ve been encountering a lot of seeming fatigue from many outlets who are fighting the impulse to projects like mine as “just another book.”

Authors who go the traditional route have an edge over self-published authors in regards to distribution to bookstores.  How did you handle that as a self-published author?

While I’m in the process of setting the book up with Amazon’s Createspace to enable printing on demand, I initially had no interest in a physical book. I don’t buy them anymore myself and to attempt a widespread distribution would have been a larger logistical problem than I would be able to tackle right now.

On the other hand, self-published authors have the edge over traditional books in the regards that the author has all the control.  I’d like to begin with your cover.  Did you make it or did you have someone else design it? If you had someone else, can you tell us who it is?

Yeah, my sister, who is a creative genius, hand drew it for me and colored it on her computer. I had a few people tell me that it would be worth it to spend a few hundred dollars on a professionally developed cover, and while it may be true that a cover that emulated the most popular titles currently on the market would have helped my book to sell better, it wouldn’t have been true to the homegrown aesthetic that I wanted my efforts to be marked by.

Did you get someone to format it for you or did you do that?

I found some free guides online and used those to do it myself.

What was the hardest challenge for you to self-publish your book?

Patience. The book isn’t terribly long, but it was the longest thing I’d ever completed. When I finished the first draft I just wanted to rush it out and let others see it. Thankfully I had a few mentors who admonished me to sit on my hands and let it gestate for a while so that I could edit it with a fresh set of eyes.

What steps are you taking to promote it?

I have an amazing family and some great friends who have really been spreading the word and bringing the book attention organically and relationally. I’ve been blogging about the writing and editing process. Finally I’m doing some PR legwork to begin letting you wonderful people hear about it for yourselves. :)

What has been the best marketing tool or method you have used that has resulted in the most sales?

I’m currently on a blog tour hosted by  This has been the biggest marketing effort I’ve tried, and it’s been paying off!

Do you have any advice you’d like to share with other self-published authors?

Do it because you love it, not because you want a got-rich-quick story. Be excited about the possibilities, keep pushing yourself to write better, but after all is said and done, be proud of what you are creating, because it’s yours, and no one else would have done it exactly the same as you.

Thank you for this interview, Jordan.  We wish you much success!

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