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Interview with ‘Aberration’ Author Lisa Regan

Lisa Regan 2Lisa Regan is a suspense novelist.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Master of Education Degree from Bloomsburg University.  She is a member of Sisters In Crime. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and daughter.

Her latest book is the crime thriller, Aberration.

Visit her website at www.LisaRegan.com.

About the Book:

aberration.inddFBI analyst Kassidy Bishop is assigned to the “For You” killer’s task force after a series of sadistic murders bearing the same signature arise in different parts of the country.

The homicides are both calculated and savage, occurring in different states, but bearing the same signature: the words “for you” scribbled at each crime scene. The case chills Kassidy, bringing back memories of her own encounter with a violent criminal five years earlier.

Kassidy’s mentor, legendary agent Talia “The Confessor” Crossen knows the task force assignment is Kassidy’s chance to prove to her colleagues that she belongs in the Behavior Analysis Unit. For five years, other FBI agents and profilers scoffed at Kassidy’s appointment to the BAU, believing she was only offered the position in exchange for her silence about the brutal assault that almost killed her.

The stakes rise when the task force links the killer’s signature to Kassidy. As more and more bodies turn up, Kassidy must delve into her past and the mysterious death of her twin sister, which holds the key to uncovering the killer’s identity.

The closer Kassidy comes to finding the killer, the closer she comes to a deadly confrontation that could cost her everything—including her own life.

Purchase your copy at AMAZON.

Q: Thank you so much for this interview, Lisa!  Can you tell us where you are from?

I am from Philadelphia.

Q: How did you come up with your title, Aberration?

I always thought aberration was a cool word.  I wanted to write a book and call it that.  This one fit perfectly.

Q: They say you can judge a book by its cover.  Can you tell us a little about your cover and who designed it?

Chad, the cover artist at Sapphire Star designed it.  I wanted creepy–a man lingering with a knife.  Originally I had asked for a man standing in a doorway but none of the images we found seemed to fit.  When I saw the one of the man walking down a foggy, tree-lined road, I had a pretty immediate reaction.  So we used that one.

Q: Can you tell us something about your book that would make me run out and buy it?

The twists at the end will make you want to go right back to the beginning and read it all over again with the new information in mind.

Q: Are there any messages in this book that you want the reader to know about?

Well Kassidy is someone who stands up for people, no matter what the cost–and in this book it ends up costing her a lot–and I think that the idea of standing up for others is a good one.  Like Shawn Hornbeck said when he was recovered after being kidnapped and held captive for four years:  “If you see something, say something.”

Q: What was your most favorite chapter to write and why?

There is a chapter in the book where the killer, Wyatt, really starts to come undone; something happens between him and Kassidy’s love interest.  That was really fun to write because I’d never written or tried anything like that before.  I don’t want to spoil it but readers will know what I’m talking about after reading the book.

Q: Why did you feel you had to write this book?

I always wanted to do a story with a profiler in it since I’d spent so many years reading about them.

Q:  Now, some fun questions – What deep dark secret would you like to share with us?

I don’t like chicken.  I know, I know, who doesn’t like chicken?  I’m an aberration!  Hah hah hah.

Q: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I’d love to see Yellowstone National Park–it looks so incredibly gorgeous and fascinating from all I’ve read about it.

Q: Are you a morning person or a night person?


Q: Are there any members in your family who also like to write?

Not that I’m aware of but it would certainly be cool if there were!

Q: As a child, were you a dreamer?

Big time!

Q: Last but not least, the magic genie has granted you one wish.  What would that be?

That all my family members and loved ones would be in and remain in perfect health their whole lives.

Q: Thank you so much for this interview! Do you have any final words?

Thank you for having me!

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