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20 Questions: Genevieve Crownson, author of ‘The Soul of the Sun’

Genevieve CrownsonGenevieve Crownson graduated from the College of Charleston with a Bachelors of Science degree. A love of writing led her to pen her debut novel, The Soul of the Sun. This is book one in her highly anticipated trilogy, The Argos Dynasty. She currently lives in beautiful Charleston, SC with her family and beloved four-legged friends.

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1. Are you a morning writer or a night writer? I write whenever I get a spare moment, this can be morning or evening. I don’t like to restrict myself to a certain time of day or place. I feel the best moments come when I just let the words flow through me. I don’t create rules, I find they can be easily broken, and I just end up feeling frustrated.

2. Do you outline or are you a pantster? I was a pantster for my novel The Soul of the Sun. I wrote from a place of complete freedom and just let my mind take me where it wanted to go.  The only problem with that was it led to a lot of editing that could have been avoided. There The Soul of the Sun 7was a great deal of time travel involved in this book and looking back I feel it would have been much easier if I had outlined. Even before I arrived at the editing process and I was still just writing the book, I would often times find that I had written myself into a corner. When this happened everything ground to a halt because I would either have to figure out how to write myself out of it, or just scrap the whole idea or chapter all together and start fresh. This was really a waste of time.  I am currently in the middle of writing book two, and I outlined pretty extensively. It streamlined the whole process. That being said, everybody works differently and some people may find the idea of outlining too restrictive. Always do what is right for you! J

3. Which comes first – plot or character? I get all of my story ideas from my dreams. I will take a dream and elaborate on the main plot to create a well-rounded script. I always see a movie in my mind—both the basis of the story and the characters are revealed together. So for me it comes together as a package.

4. Noise or quiet when working on your manuscript? I like quiet with some low background music. I find music to be very inspiring; it helps me to get into the right frame of mind for writing. I listen to different types of tunes depending on what I am working on. For example in the scene where Ian goes off to war I was listening to love songs from the 1930’s. It helped me to get a sense of that time and place. Listening to music while I write is food for my soul.

5. Favorite TV show? It’s a tossup between Downton Abbey, Call the Midwife, and Castle.

6. Favorite type of music? I like pop and country. But not super honky- tonk country.

7. Favorite craft besides writing? I love to paint. I’m not very good but it’s fun!

8. Do you play a musical instrument? I play the piano a little. And in high school I played the clarinet. I hope to learn guitar somewhere in the near future.

9. Single or married? Single.

10. Children or no? No children.

11. Pets? I have three pets, a five year old maltipoo named Lailah, a sixteen year old miniature poodle Kahlua and my cat Majick Moon, who to rules the roost. J I talk about them on my blog if you would like to learn more about them. You can find me at www.genevievecrownson.com.

12. Favorite place to write? I have a lovely sunny bedroom, so that is definitely my favorite spot.

13. Favorite restaurant? I am limited in where I can eat, due to a gluten allergy. Plus I’m vegan, so I don’t really have a favorite place at the moment. Eating at home is where I enjoy the best food!

14. Do you work outside the home? I do. I work in a lab.

15. What was the name of the last movie you saw? Eat, Pray, Love.

16. Favorite outdoor activity? I like to bike.

17. Pet peeve? I despise the sound of cracking knuckles. It’s agonizing, like nails on a chalkboard.

18. Your goal in life? To live fearlessly and love to the best of my ability.

19. Your most exciting moment? Seeing my Grandma after being apart for almost 15 years. Second runner up; the day I held my first book in my hands.

20.The love of your life? My animals. J Lailah, Kahlua and Majick!

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