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20 Questions with Peter Darrach

Peter DarrachPeter Darrach has lived in New York, London, Prague, Munich and Vienna. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and a Master of Arts degree in German Literature, both from Pennsylvania State University. Darrach pursued a career in sales and marketing in fields as diverse as amusement parks and retail before moving to Europe in 1991. Since then he has worked in Eastern and Western Europe, holding a series of executive positions with blue chip FMCG companies.  Most recently he has returned to the U.S. to pursue his career as a business coach and fiction author and currently lives in Florida.

His latest book is the sci-fi, Tavern on the Edge of Time.

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  1. Are you a morning writer or a night writer?

Actually, the time of day doesn’t matter so much to me, but I do need peace and quiet and that rarest of commodities, no distractions.

  1. Do you outline or not?

Yes, I roughly outline the entire book on an 18 x 12 sheet of paper segregating the various plot lines until they converge and write from that.

  1. Which comes first – plot or character?

I’m currently writing a series (book 4), so many of the characters already exist in the previous books, though they also evolve. Usually the plot coalesces at a high level and then the personalities of the characters help me flesh it out.

  1. Noise or quiet when working on your manuscript?

Classical, non-vocal music is an excellent background; other than that, I require peace and quiet.

  1. Favorite TV show?
  2. Favorite type of music?

Classical, Flamenco, Fado, 1940s swing.

  1. Favorite craft besides writing?
  2. Do you play a musical instrument?

Yes, guitar, some keyboards, and, of course, vocals. I’m working on an album at the moment.

  1. Single or married?

Single, recently divorced, and in love.

  1. Children or no?

None currently.

  1. Pets?

There will be again soon (cats, a rabbit, possibly a parrot.)

  1. Favorite place to write?

The location is not too important if there is peace and quiet, a table, and a chair. I prefer to be able to look at a window at a scene containing trees, a garden, a view. The illumination has to be fairly good, too, partly so I can see my outline.

  1. Favorite restaurant?

The Cliff House in San Francisco.

  1. Do you work outside the home?

Often. Airports, for example, are good.

  1. What was the name of the last movie you saw?

The 100 Foot Journey.

  1. Favorite outdoor activity?

Running, hiking.

  1. Pet peeve?

People who prefer to complain without taking any steps to address their grievance.

  1. Your goal in life?

Currently conducting an inventory and steering miy life very decidedly in a new direction, setting a course for happiness, peace of mind, love, joy, and financial independence.

  1. Your most exciting moment?

When my love of 35 years ago recently said she will marry me.

  1. The love of your life?

See 19 above.

About the Book:

Tavern on the Edge of TimeDuring the year 2125, former asteroid miners Max Cody and Elaine Zhou never get a moment’s rest. No sooner have they doused the flames of war between Earth and Mars or returned from their first trip to the Tavern on the Edge of Time when they are called upon to help fit out the fledging Martian colony orbiting Jupiter’s moon Callisto. In parallel, Earth extradites the war’s fomenter, ex-billionaire arms merchant Xanthus Rex, hoping to gain from his insights into Martian teleportation technology, but he manages to turn Earth’s resources toward private revenge against Max, Mars, and the Callisto Colony. In the meantime aliens are leaking into the Earth-Mars continuum from the Tavern, whose proprietor repaired and upgraded Max after accidentally injuring him during an asteroid mining expedition. Max’s enhancements help, of course, but when strange beings with the power to animate matter—the Assemblers—find their way to Earth, Max, Mars, and humanity are sorely beset. Worse yet, the Tavern itself is becoming unstable, its acquisitive host having overstretched his considerable powers. His prospecting for collapsed neutron matter has also opened portals between continua, inadvertently adding still more aliens to the mix. That’s when the Assemblers’ overlord arrives and Max finally meets his match. Oh, and Elaine is expecting their hybrid baby. Yes, you might say these are difficult times at the Tavern on the Edge of Time.

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