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Interview with L.T. Lewis, author of S.H.I.N.E. and WIN: 5 Steps to Conquer the Fear of Failure

L.T. Lewis’ S.H.I.N.E. and WIN: 5  is available now! Find out more about this talented author and her wonderful new book!


Lisa (L.T.) Lewis is a Spiritual Strategist, Author, Speaker and Coach.  She is the Founder & CEO of Kick Boxing Believers, L.L.C. a transformational business dedicated to helping individuals identify and kick the limiting beliefs/boxes in their lives.  Facilitating ‘next level’, free- from-boxes-living for her clients is her life’s joy!  She champions this in a creatively energizing way with life-changing impact via her writings, speeches, seminars, workshops, tele-classes, webinars and coaching sessions.

L.T. also has the following tools that she brings to the table in service to you:

  • 20+ Years Management in the Public Sector
  • Certificate in Public Leadership
  • Certificate in Personal Development Coaching
  • Best Selling Author
  • Ordained Clergy



About the Book:


Title: S.H.I.N.E. and WIN: 5 Keys to Conquer the Fear of Failure
Author: L.T. Lewis
Publisher: Kick Boxing Believers, L.L.C.
Pages: 18
Genre: Nonfiction Success/Self-Help

If you feel stuck in a mediocre life and you can’t seem to break free, be inspired by the guidance of L.T. Lewis in S.H.I.N.E. and WIN: 5 Keys to Conquer the Fear of Failure.  As a Spiritual Strategist, Coach and Entrepreneur, L.T. utilizes time-tested truths and spiritual secrets to help women identify the fears and beliefs that are keeping them boxed into an ordinary life.  To live the life you desire, rise above your obstacles, SHINE and WIN.

Launched at #8 on Amazon in Success Self Help.

S.H.I.N.E. and WIN: 5 Keys to Conquer the Fear of Failure is available at Amazon

Literarily Speaking: Hi Lisa and welcome to Literarily Speaking! I am so intrigued by your book.  Can you tell us why you decided to write it?

Lisa: I decided to write S.H.I.N.E. and WIN: 5 Keys to Conquer the Fear of Failure for two primary reasons:

  • To help someone else struggling to move beyond their fear of failure and achieve their life’s goals.
  • To tell my story and share lessons learned; the five keys that have been critical to me continuing to move forward to achieve y life’s goals.

Literarily Speaking: Why do you believe that conquering the fear of failure is so hard for us?

Lisa:  A combination of my personal experience and that of my coaching clients, fear can be very debilitating.  The fear of failure even more so because it prevents us from moving forward.  Fear of failure prevents us from taking the necessary steps to success.  When we are more afraid of missing the mark than not trying at all, we stop.  We settle for our comfort zone and our norms.  That’s why it’s so hard for us to conquer it because our human nature is to avoid it at all cost.

Literarily Speaking: Not to give too much of the book away, can you give us an idea of how you approach teaching others how to conquer the fear of failure?

Lisa:  Ahh, my approach is in the ‘S.H.I.N.E.’.  I walk readers through each step or key to overcoming the fear of failure, repeatedly!  Because I want your readers to get the book and read it for themselves, I will share the last key; Excuses.

When conquering the fear of failure, excuses are no longer allowed.  For each excuse you think of for NOT to moving forward, come up with two reasons why you can.  Those ideas will become the catalyst you need to face and conquer your fear of failure.

Literarily Speaking: How does your spirituality (or does it?) play into what you teach people about conquering their fear of failure?

Lisa:  I’m a Spiritual Strategist.  My spirituality is my ‘why’ and ‘how’ I teach people.  I start from the belief that we are all created for a purpose.  Each of us has unique gifts and talents that we are to use to impact others positively.  The effect can more readily occur once the fear of failure has overcome!

Literarily Speaking: You teach workshops and teleclasses.  What do people walk away with after attending one of your workshops or classes?

Lisa:  People walk away with at least the following:

  • The fear of conquered, and
  • A blueprint with action steps taking them from where they are to where they want to be personally and professionally.

Do you feel as if it’s a calling to do what you do?

Lisa:  Absolutely!  My calling, my passion and what motivates me to get out the bed every morning.  Armed with the five keys, who may I serve today?

Thanks for stopping by, Lisa.  Any last words?

Lisa:  Your readers can receive my S.H.I.N.E. Blueprint and a complimentary 1-Hour Coaching session with me by signing up at www.shineandwin.com.


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