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Interview with ‘Bite Thy Neighbor’ Esmae Browder

Esmae Browder

Who else loves books about blood sucking neighbors? I have quite a few myself that would fit that mold for sure. I’m happy to be interviewing Esmae Browder about her new erotic paranormal romance, Bite Thy Neighbor!

Esmae Browder is an ex-catholic school girl who loves romance and vodka tonics. When not reading a spicy novel, she enjoys creating them by combining elements of well-known tales and updating them for our modern world. She is the author of the Naughty Shakespeare series, as well as, the paranormal romance Bite Thy Neighbor—a sexy Dracula meets Wisteria Lane style novel.



About the Book:

Bite Thy Neighbor

Some neighbors suck…literally.

Quirky Maisy Harker spends her time daydreaming about her sexy husband, Jensen Helsing. Though their marriage is one of convenience, Maisy wishes the sparks of heat she feels around him were reciprocated. Sexually starved, she also lusts after her mysterious neighbor, Adam. True, his incisors do look a bit sharp, and he never seems to drink or eat anything—but hey, maybe that’s how he keeps that yummy, drool-worthy physique!

Yet Maisy knows something’s not quite right, and it isn’t long before she learns Adam is a centuries-old vampire embroiled in a gypsy curse placed on the women of her family. All her female ancestors have been drawn to the vampire and bound by his desires, experiencing a terrible side effect of the curse and resulting in death.

It’s up to Maisy to find a way to break the curse once and for all before she, too, falls under his spell.



Welcome to Literarily Speaking, Esmae! How did you get starting writing erotic paranormal romance?

Esmae: Purely by accident! To be honest, I’m not a huge lover of vampires and things that go bump in the night. But I have a huge celebrity crush on Adam Levine of Maroon Five fame. I started daydreaming about the super small possibility of him being a vampire. Bite Thy Neighbor just sort of unrolled from there!

 You describe Bite Thy Neighbor as a sexy Dracula meets Wisteria Lane style novel. Can you explain for those who don’t know who or what Wisteria Lane is?

Esmae: Wisteria Lane is the street all the action was located on for the hit television show, Desperate Housewives. Those women were intriguing, sexually charged characters absorbed by love, backstabbing, and revenge—with a dash of glamour. The neighbors in my novel have similar qualities. They definitely want more than a cup of sugar when the handsome new neighbor moves in behind my protagonist, Maisy Harker!

Can you tell us a little about your main characters?

Esmae: Tenacious Maisy Harker is my leading lady. She’s still trying to deal with the fact her mother (a delusional woman who saw demons all the time) tried to kill her when she was a child. Though she’s blonde, blue eyed, and quite All-American, she’s not your average ingénue. Maisy looks at life in a different way, and because of her experiences, is often quite cynical about the people around her. Easy going and boyishly cute, Jensen Helsing is her husband, but since their marriage was arranged by Maisy’s guardian, their relationship is based on friendship rather than love. However, Jensen has a few dark secrets of his own and his feelings for Maisy aren’t necessarily as pure as she thinks. And finally, there’s Adam…oh so, dreamy Adam with his stunning ebony hair, muscular body, and piercing green eyes. He’s the new neighbor in town who looks an awful lot like a famous singer. It becomes obvious pretty quickly that he wants way more than a cup of sugar from Maisy.

Let’s talk about Maisy.  Even though she is married (and sex-starved), she is attracted by her sexy neighbor, Adam. Can you tell us a little bit about how this attraction she had for him started?

Esmae: Keep in mind: Maisy is in an arranged marriage. Even though she is attracted to her husband, she firmly believes he does not desire her in any way, shape, or form. He only agreed to marry her because of a promise he made to his mentor who also happened to be Maisy’s guardian. This is not a story about a committed marriage where the wife goes out and cheats on her husband!

When Maisy first sees Adam, Maisy is hanging out with her drunk neighbors in her hot tub. A shirtless Adam steps out onto his back porch, causing the tipsy women to practically drool over his yummy physique. Even so, Maisy remains a bit cynical about him. Her attraction takes over her common sense when she begins to have big, Technicolor, musical theatre style dreams in which he is her sultry leading man. She’ll never be able to watch The Phantom of the Opera the same way again!

And what about the husband, Jensen. Does he ever catch on?

Esmae: Jensen may seem like a sweet, southern boy fresh out of a Tennessee Williams play like Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, but he’s got a dark past Maisy knows nothing about. Let’s just say, he’s good at keeping his feelings compartmentalized, but when it comes to Maisy, he would never allow anyone to hurt her or take her away from him. He definitely knows something is up when his wife tells him Adam Levine has moved in behind them. Rock stars don’t move into their small suburban neighborhood.

What location does this book take place and why did you choose it? 

Esmae: This story take places in a small town right outside of Austin, Texas. Writers write about what they know, and while I’ve never personally dealt with sexy vampires or gypsy curses, I have handled a feisty neighbor or two. My street tends to be the drama capital of our small neighborhood. It’s certainly provided me with plenty of inspiration!

If you could add more characters to your book, who do you think they might be and why?

Esmae: Jack the Ripper would be number one on my list. There’s a reference made about him and a relationship he had with my vampire. I would love to have been able to include more about that backstory, but it just wasn’t appropriate for the book.

Without giving too much away, how does Maisy find out that Adam is a vampire? Does anyone else know it?

Esmae: She gets clued in when he gives her a little nip on the neck during a rather intimate moment. The other ladies in the book are in complete denial though. In fact, while Maisy sees the vampire as a (pardon the pun) dead ringer for Adam Levine, the rest of the women actually see someone different when they look at him. Brad Pitt, Channing Tatum, Dylan McDermott—this vamp is able to appear in the form they find most desirable.

How do you think your book separates from other vampire books on the market?

Esmae: Humor! I love a book that can turn me on, but also make me laugh. Many vampire books are dark, gothic, and the bad guy is clearly the vamp. Bite Thy Neighbor doesn’t take itself quite so seriously and it’s a tough call to say who the bad guy really is right up until the end. This is a little more along the style of Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse novels—sexy, but full of fun.

What’s next for you, Esmae?

Esmae: I’m currently working on a trilogy of books called The Flick Clique. These are inspired by some of my favorite ‘80s movies and take place in a small town with quirky characters who are struggling to spice up their romantic lives. Over Board, Dirty Dancing, and Pretty in Pink are just a few of the movies which have influenced this new series.

Thanks so much for having me at Literally Speaking! I really enjoyed this interview and hope your readers will check out Bite Thy Neighbor or get in touch with me via Facebook, Twitter, or my webpage. Happy reading!


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