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Chris Shella’s Best Advice Ever for Writing Urban Fiction Legal Thriller Novels

Chris Shella’s Best Advice Ever for Writing Urban Fiction  Legal Thriller Novels   By Chris Shella Advice, Advice Advice…. What advice could I give new writers on how to write Urban Fiction Legal Thrillers? HMMMM. Well you do know as a lawyer I’m allergic to giving free advice. So instead of charging my usual 500 hour fee rate, I will let you, gentle reader, in on how to do this. There are three keys to writing this type of book. The first key to writing an urban fiction legal thriller is that you have to know something about the legal
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Pump Up Your Book Announces Chris Shella’s Legal Thriller Urban Fiction ‘Reasonable Facsimile Virtual Book Tour 2012′

Pump Up Your Book is pleased to announce Chris Shella’s Reasonable Facsimile Virtual Book Tour 2012 beginning on January 3  and ending on January 27 2012.  Chris will be on hand during his worldwide tour promoting his book and  giving us candid interviews where we learn more about the author, tips on writing legal thrillers and advice on how to become a published author as well as giving his fans an opportunity to talk to him live via Pump Up Your Book’s chat room on January 27 where he will be giving away a paperback copy of his book, Reasonable
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